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Skiing in Zakopane 

Back in December my friends had invited us to join them on a skiing holiday.  Before we booked the ticket I was scared as I had never been skiing before, and usually my holidays always involve some sort of sea however the idea of going to a ski resort and to the mountains was just too amazing to miss. 

For all of you that had never heard of Zakopane  this is one of  Poland’s major ski resort at the base of the Tatra Mountains (mountain range separating Poland and Slovakia).

Zakopane is  one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations, both in the winter for skiing and in the summer for hiking and camping.

The architecture is beautiful all you see as you wonder through the streets are wooden villas style house built at the turn of the 20th century . The inspiration for these buildings came from Highlander art and their traditional huts. 

Oscypek which is made from sheep milk can be sampled at every corner, its a delicious cheese that It is served warm or cold, with without cranberry jam …

The memories and the laughters that we made in Zakopane will stay with me for a lifetime and I cannot wait to go back next year !! 

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