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A very tropical island ..HAWAII

Hawaii is a dream destination. I grew up with watching the iconic ‘Hawaii 5-0’ tv programme, so you can imagine how keen I was to visit. There are 5 main islands that make up Hawaii, but I only visited O’ahu ( which means The Gathering Place) Like the majority of tourists, I stayed at the famous and very popular Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu. Waikiki is very crowded and very heavily developed - almost a mini Manhatten by the sea, with high rise hotels, top notch restaurants and high end shopping malls…this wasn’t the Hawaii I wanted to discover! So after hiring a car for few days, I was able to discover the real tropical paradise I envisaged, with pineapple plantations, coconut trees, idyllic beaches with their aquamarine crystal waters, macadamia nut farms and the delicious ‘Garlic Shrimp Trucks’, famous in North Shore, which is known for its huge waves. This was my favourite part of the island and even though I don’t know how to surf, it was magical to see these big rolling waves, with many riding them, crashing up on to the sand. Chatting to some surfers, they told us that these waves are nothing compared to those in winter, where waves could reach up to a whopping 40 feet !! This short visit has been a great taster to Hawaii and next time, (which they’ll be!!) I will explore what the other islands have to offer.  

Roadtrip around Australia

Australia or the Land Down Under is one big big country. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Australia however I fell in Love with the country !! Its amazingly beautiful very tropical packed with wild life and i got to swim with SHARKS in the Great Barrier Reef and fell asleep under the sky full of stars in Uluru. I have taken more then 1000 pics of this beautiful country although here are just a few. 

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