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Village Life - Albania

This is where my dad was born and my origins are from. The highlands of Albania are located in the northeast of Albania and locals to the region are known as ‘Goran’ - it is a very small village located high above sea level. I haven’t visited the village for over 15 years yet have always felt a desire to want to go and visit. I’m so pleased that I did. After a 3 hour car journey, we arrived and I met my aunt, whom i hadn’t seen for many years. I felt so overwhelmed. The majority of the villagers have left. A village once filled with life, now very quiet with mainly it’s older residents left. Most families have moved to Tirana or have emigrated to Italy, Greece or Germany. However it still retains its breathtaking beauty, with stunning scenery, along with its village atmosphere. The summers are are scorching and in vast contrast, in the winter, the villagers get stuck in deep snow; so deep the village is almost cut off. However, this does make a ideal place for any enthusiastic skiers!!. Despite it being so remote, recently the village has received an influx of tourists from Austria and Germany, which has helped the local economy. I was happy to be there with my dad. He too was happy to return to his ‘home’. We still feel a connection to this small but beautiful village, located a world away from the bustling towns and cities. After all, this is where my dad was born and where it all started for the Bala family!!

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