Bournemouth & Dorset Wedding Photographer

Laura & Will - Poole Guildhall - Cumberland Bournemouth

‘As you knew, we were both a little camera shy, but these are an amazing set of photos which capture our day effortlessly. From the start of the day to the end, we knew you were there but each pic was taken without being staged, you were almost invisible!! Perfect, just perfect!!’

Venue - Poole Guildhall 

Wedding Planner - Cumberland Hotel , Bournemouth 

Victoria & Andy - Pennsylvania Castle Dorset

“Andrew dropped off our photos and we cannot believe how beautiful they all are. I can’t stop smiling! You really have told our story so well, we couldn’t possibly have asked for more. We can’t stop looking at them and every time, all the memories keep flooding back …magical, I love them! Thank you so much xx”

Venue - Pennsylvania Castle, Dorset

Wedding Planner - Alexis Events 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka … the tropical paradise… and I was so looking forward to discovering and experiencing what it had to offer. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to travel to that part of the world, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally arrive in Sri Lanka. However, the idea of paradise that I had developed in my mind was, unfortunately, far from the reality.  In parts, Sri Lanka is beautifully raw… tropical trees, beaches, tea plantations, temples, exotic fruits and wildlife.  However, beyond the ‘tourist brochure’  you are left with the rawness of a developing country to which I was not prepared for. Despite being a tourist destination for years, there is a lot of poverty. The attractions on offer are often in disrepair, uncared for and dirty. Because you are of european origin, there is an assumption that you have money. Therefore you are somewhat harassed by everyone from taxi drivers to shop owners to restaurants.  When you do make a purchase you feel that you are paying over the odds, purely because of your origin. The locals also have a habit of staring at you.  This followed me everywhere I walked to, which at the end became uncomfortable and talking to other travellers, I was not alone. Getting up to date and accurate information was also near on impossible which made planning difficult. Genuinely, I feel very sad that my tropical dream was dashed. I was not naive to think that it will be all perfect, however, I never expected to feel vulnerable to the extent that I did. I was an independent traveler and I suspect that had I been on a package holiday behind the nice hotel with private beaches, then I would have had a different experience. However, this was a true experience, to which I personally, walked away feeling disappointed and saddened. 

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